Tanzania -Iyenga-Mwalyego (Wholesale)
  • Tanzania -Iyenga-Mwalyego (Wholesale)

    This offering sells for $11 per bag and the Minimum Advertised Price is $14.99 per bag


    This Tanzania offering is a blend of AB coffees from some of the strongest coops in Tanzania's Mbinga and Mbeya regions. Farms in this region are at an altitude of 1500-1750 meters, which provides the perfect conditions for growing beans with notes of fruit, spice, floral berry and wine.


    Our Tanzania has a full body, medium acidity and offers flavor notes of dark chocolate, grape, and nutmeg. Playing with different brewing methods allows different characteristics of this bean to shine. We find it to have exceptional flavor when used for cold brew or espresso.


      Origin: Tanzania

      Region: Iyenga-Mwalyego

      Varital: Mixed Heirloom

      Altitude: 1660 masl.

      Process: Natural